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Pack on your shoulder

A stick in your hand

On the road to the field
Come on, colleagues.
We go up to the Northwest Mountains
We go down to the central highlands
Ethnic compatriots
Calling to us from hundreds of regions.
The road is wide for trucks
And little paths wear out our feet
If there’s no road we must clear one
Across jungles and streams.
Who is still gathering
Who is building rice terraces
Who is tilling the earth with buffalo’s strength
Who is doing dry rice farming.
We sleep in stilt houses
We rest on roof and rock
Long houses, communal houses
Our country has them all.
We eat bamboo tube rice216
We eat “thắng cố”217
Small bottles we try
Delicious homemade rice wine.
We listen to the story of Đam San
Who gave birth to the land and the water
Living in tumultuous times218
The golden turtle, the iron horse.
We watch the Cầu Ngư festival219
We attend the Buffalo Sacrifice
Ca-tê and Cấp sắc
And we attend the Ghe ngo festival.220
We go down to Khánh Sơn
We hear the lithophone
We go up to Lũng Cú
We follow the sounds of the bronze drum.
Who plays the spring swing game
The earth and sky switch positions
Who throws the ball
And turns into the rainbow of fire.
Here is the custom of Chuê-nuê
And the pulling of the wife
Now the custom of returning home
And the ritual of leaving the tomb.
We go up to Kon Tum
And meet hero Núp
We go down to Thừa Thiên
And talk with Kan Lịch.
This changing life
We recall earlier generations
Those days between crop periods
We can’t see the sun.
Receiving the earth and the jungle
We teach where to place the garden
Reduce poverty and end hunger
Not to wander aimless anymore.
Study characters
Read the newspapers, listen to the radio
Go to work as cadres
Build a new life.
Oh geologist brothers221
Where are you going in a hurry
Stay here and rest a while
And then we’ll go together.
The fatherland is huge
Our homeland’s brocade
Our compatriots
In 100 directions and 1,000 colors.
Pack on your shoulder
A stick in your hand
On the road to the field
Come on colleagues!

Hà Nội, 1999

Translated by Margaret Barnhill Bodemer.

Source: Margaret Barnhill Bodemer 2010. 'Museums, ethnology and the politics of culture in contemporary Vietnam'. PhD dissertation. The University of Hawaii.


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